The Big Chill

Web Design, Content Development & Social Media

The Big Chill is the ultimate summer roadtrip! Destination: Georgia. Over 6.000 kilometres through Eastern Europe and Turkey to head to Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. Teams raising money for local charities. All money raised with this trip was donated¬†to WECF.

Prior to the trip, Beyond Borders Media built the website and Facebook page, on which we posted regular updates, before and during the trip. Also we created video and photography for The Big Chill.

On the road we produced a lot of video content, which ended up in several short videos for social use.

In terms of social media, Beyond Borders Media posted content prior, during and after the trip, creating visibility.


The website has a big summer-feel, with clear-cut communication targeting young people who are in for a roadtrip during the summer season. Visit it here.