UNHCR for Malian Refugees

Content Development

The Malian crisis does not seem to have an end anytime soon. Hence UNHCR tries to help refugees out. Stability for people is the aim. Even if they are based in a refugee camp in the middle of the desert. Like in eastern Mauritania, M’bera camp. People are provided with skill-based education. This will help them to develop their lives further.

On-location in Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso we captured video and photography stories. Focusing on human interest, we found stories of change. Through the eyes of people we also show the impact that UNHCR has had. Results were produced in French and English.

Video Example Human Interest Story:

Photography for UNHCR

During our production trip, we also provided UNHCR with some project photography. This will be used both online and in reports for showing impact and results of projects.