About us

We are Beyond Borders Media

Beyond Borders Media is a leading agency in the development sector for communication and research. We help you to make an impact through creative storytelling, communication strategies, content development and research. Our aim is to contribute to creating a brighter future for people and the planet.

We are based in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Peru, India, Senegal and Ivory Coast, and have experience in over 120 countries.

Philosophy & ambition

Human centred approach

People always come first, therefore we use a human centred approach in everything we do. This technique puts real people at the centre of our development process. This enables us to create products and services that resonate and are tailored to your audience’s needs.

Focus on development and humanitarian topics

Our ambition is to help people advance in life. We do this through what we know to do best; communication. Since 2008 we have been working hard to empower NGOs and UN organisations worldwide. This has led us to gain a lot of knowledge on many development-related topics. And we share this knowledge whenever we can.

Do No Harm Principles

Beyond Borders Media follows the Do No Harm Principles (DNH). “Do no harm” is to avoid exposing people to additional risks through your actions. This means taking a step back when needed to look at the broader context and mitigate potential negative effects on the social fabric, the economy and the environment, caused by our activities. In our work, we are always aware of their potential consequences.

Experience with sensitive topics

Some project subjects are easy to talk about, while others deal with more sensitive topics. What is normal in one country can be taboo in another country, like Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights or Human Rights for example. Beyond Borders Media has gained experience and awareness working with sensitive topics, and can help your organisations to navigate through these cultural and political sensitivities.

Supporting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda has our full support. Beyond Borders Media’s aim is to contribute to these goals, which we do through our work together with the clients we are working for.

We always give you the best support

The ‘products’ we make are merely tools to help you advance. Our aim is to help you further. Climbing that next step on the ladder. Therefore we always discuss where you currently stand and where you would like to be after a project.

Our clients


I have worked with Beyond Borders Media in one of the most remote areas in Mali, and in a complex security and humanitarian context. I was really mesmerized by how much the BBM team members have adapted and delivered quality content that we used for our social media platforms across the world. Their ethics as a media and dedication in shedding light on vulnerable populations’ needs are exemplary. Their work is based on empathy, integrity, and portraying the truth. I will definitely be pleased to work with BBM again.

Chadi Ouanes

IOM worked together with Beyond Borders Media in a worldwide activity on the production of audiovisual materials on migrant return and sustainable reintegration, covering Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. In all target countries Beyond Borders Media successfully and professionally worked alongside local and international IOM staff to engage beneficiaries, partners, donors and other stakeholders in the video production activities, and always proved to be flexible and reactive to the challenges that might arise.

Giulia Brioschi

Working with Beyond Borders Media on audiovisual production operations in North Africa and Senegal, I have dealt with highly professional teams who have the sense of creativity that is a prerequisite for effective development communication and resource mobilization processes. Their technical and editorial skills make them a first-choice operator as shown by their productions.

Fahd Belbachir

Our Team

Julie Guillot

Media Producer
French-born, lived in Japan, now creating media production with BBM all over the globe. Smart, structured and efficient; Julie tackles all project challenges sticking to tight deadlines.
English, French, Japanese

Nikolai van den Burg

Coming from an advertising background and having worked with top creative agencies in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and France, he brings international and production expertise to the table.
Dutch, English, French, German

Lorena del Castillo Durand

Researcher and communication specialist from Peru, but settled in The Netherlands. Lorena dives in data, run interviews and leads research projects with a humane perspective.
Dutch, English, Spanish

Joris de Jong

Animator & Illustrator
Joris combines a clean visual style for engaging animations and clear storytelling. He is a huge fan of good food, exploring new places and he drums in a band.
Dutch, English

Erwan Schiex

Filmmaker & Editor
Erwan is an experienced journalist, passionate about telling stories and connecting with people, he write articles and direct documentary videos from concept writing to post production.
English, French, Malinke

Edward Cook

Filmmaker & Editor
Documentary maker by profession, and enthusiastic & good hearted guy by character. Edward grew up in the USA and Iceland, which gives him a unique perspective on life.
Dutch, English, Icelandic

Steven Munzebrock

Cameraman & Editor
Highly skilled cameraman with experience all over the globe, whether it is hot or cold temperatures, Steven comes back with high-end pictures and videos.
Dutch, English

Soledad Ordoñez

Illustrator & Animator
Soledad has a PhD in Molecular Biology ánd is a highly skilled illustrator & animation. Leveraging both passions give her a unique perspective in bringing a story to life.
Dutch, English, Spanish

Jerry de Mars

Creative Director
Dutch-born, French-raised; Jerry enjoys multilingual benefits which he applies in his work every day. Anthropologist with lots of experience working at NGOs, which he applies as a creative media maker.
Dutch, English, French

Reinier van Oorsouw

Founder & Director
Experience in 110+ countries, in designing media campaigns, video directing, photography and supervising projects.
Dutch, English, Spanish

Cheick Sy

Photographer & Videographer
Based in Bamako, Cheick is a documentary videographer and photographer with an unerring sense for capturing the best natural light and the essence of the models and stories he captures.
Bambara, French, Soninké, Sonrhai

Diouara Mahadi

Video Director & Cameraman
Diouara grew up in Bamako. From an early age, he was interested in cinema and decided to become a cameraman. Today, Diouara can pride himself on being one of the…
Bambara, French, Soninké, Sonrhai

Audy Valera

A member of our local team, Audy is an experienced bilingual filmmaker. He excels at piloting and capturing shots via drones, and directing interviews.
French, Wolof

Bhanupreet Kaur

Producer & Filmmaker
Bhanu gained substantial exposure to International Cinema with access to Hollywood Cast & Crew and the Studio Giants. She works currently as a Producer in India.
English, Hindi, Punjabi

Sophie Green

Producer & Filmmaker
After 10 years in Kenya, the Sudan & Haiti working on communication for humanitarian projects for UNDP,  FAO and The GIZ, she reinvented herself as a producer and filmmaker.
English, French, Spanish

Lewis Smith

Executive Producer
Crafting impactful narratives with creativity and finesse, Lewis blends business acumen with cinematic flair. Lewis delivers compelling digital content for social impact, weaving powerful stories with authenticity.

Pia Pentzlin

Filmmaker & Video Director
Pia is fascinated to use filmmaking as a toolset to create empathy for different cultures through visual language.
English, German

Roald van Stijn

Cameraman & Editor
Creative cameraman and excellent editor; Roald builds engaging stories throughout the entire process.
Dutch, English

Tim Spreng

Tim is an experienced screenwriter, storyteller & director. He advises organisations on communication strategies and visual storytelling.
English, German

Behind The Scenes


Educational films for young parents in the making, recorded throughout West-Africa


Far north in Pakistan, creating a documentary on women skiing in this remote part of the planet!


Accidentally herding reindeer on Sweden's icy roads.


Serious gear and a serious team while creating a TV-commercial for Solidaridad.


Speaking to refugees deep down in the Mauritanian desert.


Capturing stories on agriculture and infrastructure in northern Afghanistan.


Capturing the story of a returnee in Brazil as part of an 11 country project.


Working on the streets of Peru.


Blending into Iranian culture for a 5 part documentary series recorded in Iran.


Capturing stories of returning migrants in Philippines.


Showcasing the airport development of Fes in Morocco, assisted by the AfDB.


VR experience creation about the value chain of water by helicopter in Tajikistan.


Capturing instruction videos in The Gambia for young agricultural professionals


Creating instructional videos at the headquarters in Geneva.