IOM – Reintegration Stories in 11 Countries

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Client name IOM
Project Reintegration Stories
Specialism Video, Photography & Animation

When migrants return to their country of origin, they can be faced with big challenges.  They might not have family or friends there anymore, no money, nowhere to live, nobody to trust.

IOM (The International Organisation for Migration) therefore has the Return and Reintegration Platform, which intends to support returning migrants to settle back in. They place individuals at the center of all efforts and empowering those making an informed decision to participate in assisted voluntary return programs.

Focussing on the human side of return and reintegration, BBM worked with IOM to create a range of content; video, animations, photography and podcasts.

The aim of this content is two-folded; educational (to educate IOM staff and stakeholders on the topic of return and reintegration) and informational (to inform the general audience of challenges that people face when returning to their country of origin).

22 Case Videos from 11 Countries

Returning migrants face a lot of challenges. To showcase the differences and similarities they might face, BBM created 22 case videos in 11 countries: El Salvador, Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, Cameroon, Malawi, Ethiopia, Serbia, Georgia, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

Beyond Borders Media travelled to all countries with small crews to capture engaging short personal stories about people’s return and reintegration experiences.

The locations ranged from urban environments to rural towns, showcasing that returning migrants can end up anywhere.

Below are two videos we selected to serve as example for the 22 case videos which we have created. The entire playlist can be found on IOM’s Youtube channel, which features all stories in English, French and Spanish, plus either Arabic or a local language of the country of recording.

Return & Reintegration story – Happy Chepsye from Malawi
Return & Reintegration story – Sandra Flores from El Salvador

In the same 11 countries where filming took place, Beyond Borders Media also created photography about the same stories. This was done by the same team.

For each story, around 20-30 photos were taken. These photos can be seen throughout IOM’s Return and Reintegration Platform website, are used as thumbnails for videos and for articles.


Podcasts were developed to facilitate dialogues and exchanges among experts and practitioners from various fields on sustainable reintegration.

There recordings were all done digitally so that interviewees from all over the globe could participate in the recordings.

Educational Animation Videos

To help capacity building activities, Beyond Borders Media developed a series of educational animation videos – in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

The topics range from reintegration for children and families to top 10 tips for reintegration case workers. All videos can be seen here.

Behind The Scenes

For this project Beyond Borders Media visited a lot of remote and exotic places. The behind the scenes photos showcase some of the

challenges and joys we had throughout the development of this project.