IGAD – Disaster Risk Management – Video Production

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Client name IGAD
Project Disaster Risk Management Video Production
Specialism video
Weblink www.igad.int

With their Disaster Risk Management programme, IGAD aims to build resilience in East-Africa to combat the effects of Climate Change. This means that IGAD is spotting potential problems and eliminating them before they happen.

A difficult task, as a large part weather is unpredictable and member countries in East-Africa are not fully equipped to deal with the effects of a changing climate.

Beyond Borders Media was brought in to create videos about IGAD’s DRM programme to draw more attention to climate change and the impact it has in East-Africa.

The video was produced in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda (in the midst of the Corona-crisis) and partially with existing footage. The stories focus both on the overarching challenge as showcasing how individuals are affected by climate issues.

Disaster Risk Management Video
Individual Video Stories