UNICEF WCARO Video Learning

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Client name UNICEF WCARO
Project UNICEF WCARO Video Learning
Specialism video, photo
Weblink www.unicef.org/wca

With UNICEF WCARO we created a series of video tutorials. UNICEF noticed that West and Central Africa can benefit from key information for new partners. Communicating with their babies, from pregnancy up to age 2+, it can increase babies’ skills and bonding with parents.

To increase understand, the videos target young and new parents. Each video shows children in a different young stage. From a young baby to a toddler. Per stage, we go into what parents can do to communicate with their child. And how to increase their skills through play.

All videos were recorded in Mali. Beyond Borders Media worked on-location with a variety of young babies to illustrate the learning. The result; easy to comprehend videos that speak to the imagination of young parents in the West and Central African region.

The videos were firstly recorded in English and French. Later we have translated them to Bambara and several languages in Sierra Leone.


This is the English introduction video to the series as example.

This video shows how to communicate with a child between 1 week to 6 months.