UNICEF – 360 Video Experience Tajikistan

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Client name UNICEF
Project Walking the Water Experience 360 Video
Specialism 360 Video, Event
Weblink www.unicef.org

UNICEF‘s aim is to protect the lives of children around the globe. This also means that the environment they live in should be safe.

Tajikistan, in Central-Asia, has a lot of water resources; glaciers, mountains, rivers, lakes. But, due to climate change, the country struggles to keep it safe and clean.

This is one of the reasons why the Government of Tajikistan organised the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development conference, focussing on solutions related to water.

To showcase where Tajikistan stands, Beyond Borders Media created a 360 video and conference experience called ‘Walking the Water Experience.

360 Video ‘Walking the Water Experience

This experience showcases the value chain of water and the beauty of the country through the eyes of its inhabitants. From high-up in remote villages to the urban areas of the capital Dushanbe, this 360 video displays resources, and personal messages, all linked by a voice-over of a Tajik girl who tells about her concerns for a future generation.

In order to create this 360 video, Beyond Borders Media travelled throughout Tajikistan, visiting a range of locations like the Nurek Dam Complex, Kulob, Seven Lakes, Fedchenko Glacier and many more places.

Water Conference Event

During the International Water Conference, Beyond Borders Media was asked to present the 360 video production in an engaging manner. Therefore we prepared multiple VR-glasses so that visitors could view the 360 video on the spot, bringing them straight into the Tajik landscape.

As we had filmed the film in 8K and 3D, and had equiped the VR-glasses with headphones, the conference participants stepped into an immersive experience with surround vision and sound.

Behind The Scenes

For this project Beyond Borders Media visited a lot of remote and exotic places. The behind the scenes photos and video showcase some of the

challenges and joys we had throughout the development of the 360 video.