UNDP – Content Development Tajikistan & Afghanistan

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Client name UNDP
Project Tajikistan & Afghanistan LITACA Project
Specialism video, photo
Weblink www.undp.org

The border areas between Tajikistan and Afghanistan face a lot of difficulties when it comes to security and stability. A lot of cross-border issues occur that need solutions. Therefore, UNDP of both countries decided to work together on a project that will resolve issues and improve living conditions on both sides of the border.

This project, named LITACA, consists of numerous smaller activities that are being implemented since 2014. Projects are ranging from building schools, hospitals, roads, water and sanitation facilities to courses for the agricultural and business sectors. Beyond Borders Media filmed on both sides of the border to produce two videos for UNDP which will be used in lobby and fundraising.

Video UNDP LITACA project:

Photography for UNDP

During our production trip, we also provided UNDP with some project photography. This will be used both online and in reports for showing impact and results of projects.