Solidaridad TVC, Brandmovie and Radio Commercial

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Client name Solidaridad
Project Solidaridad TVC, Brandmovie and Radio Commercial
Specialism video, radio, online

Solidaridad works to create better living conditions for people who make consumer products around the globe. Farmers who plant bananas, textile workers, miners, coffee farmers; you name it, if it is in the store, chances are high that Solidaridad is working to create a sustainable way forward.

In one go, Beyond Borders Media got the chance to create a big package of content. Solidaridad was looking to create a new TV commercial and brand movie to be used on television in The Netherlands. And, while at it, they also wanted an upgrade of their radio commercial and a set of videos for social media.

For us, this started with creating an engaging concept. Wanting to showcase how all people are connected, we came up with a concept that let’s people finish each others’ sentences – even in different settings. This was the base concept for the TV Commercial.

Secondly, this meant that we could ‘isolate’ specific scenes from this commercial to feature as separate social media versions. And, with an added part a longer brand movie could be created. A big batch of content as final result!

TV Commercial:



Beyond Borders Media also developed several social media videos, here’s one example;