Robert Carr Fund

Content Development

The Robert Carr civil society Networks Fund (RCNF) supports international networks that address the needs and human rights of inadequately served populations (ISP). These are key and other populations that face a higher HIV risk, mortality and/or morbidity when compared to the general population. At the same time they have less access to information and services. RCNF focusses on civil society networks because they are best capable of reaching the people who are most affected by the HIV epidemic.

RCNF’s work is focussed on many levels of society; supporting initiatives on the ground and doing high-level lobby. To show its variety and effectiveness, we recorded a multi layered story; looking at what is done on the ground in Indonesia, on a regional level in Thailand and focusing on an international aspect in Oslo, Norway. The end result; this corporate film! This result shows RCNF’s effectiveness in their work around the globe.