Going Dutch

Concept, Strategy, Campaign, Social Media & Content Development

Towards the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Beyond Borders Media developed a concept to investigate Dutch participation in these goals. Working together with eight different Dutch non-profits, we produced a series of eight video and photo stories for multiple outlets.

Funded by the EJC, we set up a social media platform where followers could directly participate in the story development by posing questions, which we’d answer via the project reports. A webpage was developed with all background info on the MDGs and the eight participating non-profit organizations.

Final results appeared on GoedTV, Brazilian television, OneWorld website and several UN websites. Photography of the trips – for which we visited Bolivia, Armenia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Benin, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania – ended up in multiple magazines.

Underneath is the combined video of the eight projects where we’ve produced stories. All videos are working as stand-alone’s for social media and web, and all together in this ‘overview video’.

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