Web Development

Wemos is a Dutch NGO. They advocate access to health for everyone, everywhere. Their focus lays on three main topics: Human Resources for Health, Finance for Health and Access to Medicines. Wemos often uses lobby with governments and European Union to change laws and policies. To get their, a lot of studies & reach is put in to bring relevant data and knowledge to the table.

Beyond Borders Media build a knowledge platform for Wemos, called Wemos Resources. a resource bank on global health issues, publicly accessible. It showcases publication of Wemos and partners. Divided in their main three topics. Also, we created a three case videos for Wemos, to introduce each topic to new visitors. An easy-to-use CMS system is set-up so that Wemos can upload and adjust publication on their own.

Per topic, Beyond Borders Media produced an introduction video.

Publication Variety

Whether it is a short factsheet or long publication; Wemos can showcase all types of publications on Wemos Resources. And, all publications can be downloaded easily. By anyone.