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Photo and Video for Social Media

TTC provides mobile solutions to people around the globe. Working at five different continents and in over twenty-four countries, their challenge is to provide tailored assistance to local problems. Using modern technology to improve the living situation in many underdeveloped countries.

Beyond Borders Media facilitated photography and video to TTC for social media and web purposes. This content helps TTC to do its own communication better, by illustrating the work they do.

In both Bolivia and Tanzania we recorded high quality case videos, fit to share TTC’s story on social channels. Furthermore, a big photography archive was produced in Uganda resulted in the end to assist TTC with imagery for the years to come, for both internal and external communications.

Website TTC

Examples of usage Photography

Underneath are some of the photos Beyond Borders Media produced, clearly illustrating their function; to spice up stories of TTC.

TTC Video Bolivia

In Bolivia, TTC is helping farmers to improve their crops (and its harvest) by sharing current information about the weather and possible diseases via texts. This improved the knowledge and skills of farmers. It also saves farmers time and money as travelling up and down to a village with access to this information is no longer necessary.

TTC Video Tanzania

In rural communities it can be very difficulties obtaining reliable information about pregnancies. Often no internet is available, so pregnant women rely on information from others. TTC sends out information to pregnant women (and their families) throughout the course of their pregnancy, sharing information when it is relevant. Like when it is time to visit a doctor for a check-up, or in what stage their babies are. This helps to create more knowledge about pregnancies and ensuring people know how to act in every step of the pregnancy.

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