Simavi Kenya

Concepts, Video & Photography Development

Simavi‘s mission is to provide education on hygiene and sanitation. They teach this in schools all around the world. In Kenya, Beyond Borders Media produced content for Simavi.

We developed several videos; a corporate film (Dutch and English version) and campaign videos.

Besides that, we also produced 200+ photo’s of their work on location.

Simavi is using the content for different communication goals. Hence, we produced content matching those different goals. This is how we ensure the right stories and tone of voice, per audience.

Corporate Film Simavi

Photography for Simavi

A few of the 200+ pictures we’ve delivered.

Campaign Video’s Simavi


To support a fundraising campaign in The Netherlands, Beyond Borders Media also produced several campaign videos. Letting a local girl tell her personal story, we made it engaging for kids to watch as well.

From this video, one output was produced for children and one for adults, to accompany two levels of campaigning.